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By Common Consent Press is a non-profit publisher dedicated to producing affordable, high-quality books that help define and shape the Latter-day Saint experience.

Our mission includes finding manuscripts that will contribute to the lives of thoughtful Latter-day Saints, mentoring authors and nurturing projects to completion, and distributing important books to the Mormon audience at the lowest possible cost.


If you're an author, a bookseller, a potential donor, or a reader, we'd love to speak with you!

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By Common Consent Press was founded as a non-profit publisher in 2017.

We're seeking out the best authors from the LDS world, and we publish books that address all aspects of Mormon life, including works of philosophy, theology, history, scriptural exegesis, fiction, poetry, personal essays, and memoirs.


Our team is made up of professionals from the worlds of academia, law, publishing, and media, including:

Kristine Haglund

Sam Brunson

Kyle Monson

Lori Forsyth

Andrew Heiss


Steve Evans

Michael Austin

Cynthia Lee

Hannah Pritchett

D Christian Harrison